PRP: regenerative dental therapy

The use of PRP in maxillo-facial surgery has a strong positive impact on the outcome of medical intervention. It reduces bleeding, promotes soft tissue healing, and significantly speeds up recovery after surgery. 

How does PRP work?

There is nothing safer and more reliable than using the body’s ability to regenerate itself. That is why the basic material used in PRP treatment is platelet-rich plasma which accelerates bone and soft tissue growth. Platelet-rich plasma is prepared from a small blood sample taken from the patient right before the medical procedure.

The use of PRP in dentistry

PRP is applied in dental implantation and osteoplastic surgery.

PRP application in dental implant surgery stimulates tissue regeneration, which is one of the key factors for successful peri-implant bone healing.

In case of jawbone atrophy, our doctors will offer you osteoplastic surgery which involves bone grafting to create a solid base for the implant. Using platelet-rich plasma during this kind of surgery enhances wound healing, reduces bleeding, speeds up the recovery process, and shortens the period between osteoplastic surgery and implantation. Besides, platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the few approaches to treating periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and paradontosis. PRP treatment is successfully used in «Familia» dental clinic (Kyiv).