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Botvinko Valeriia

Стоматолог-ортопед, гнатолог

Petrishin Marina Yuryevna

Dentist- orthodontist

Evtushenko Valentina

Dentist orthopedist of the highest category

Vakiv Taras

High level certificate prosthodontist

Solomko Tatiana Anatolievna

Dentist, therapist, high level certificate doctor

Matchenko Maksim

Dentist, endodontist

Kovzun Alina Anatolievna

А children's dental therapist

Tyajkorob Tatiana

Dentist orthodontist, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Lesia Mykolaiivna Shevchuk

Familia dental clinic senior administrator

Boguslavec Vera

Сertified high level assistant

Nechiporenko Tatiana

Assistant of the highest category, dental hygienist

Gresko Yaroslav Viktorovich

Head dental laboratory

Familia clinic services

General dental services

Tooth decay treatment Tooth decay treatment is one of the main tasks in dentistry. Being one of the most common oral diseases, tooth decay is a pathological process that involves demineralization and softening of the hard tooth tissue, which leads to the formation o...


Surgical treatment

Dental Surgery Department of Familia Dental Clinic has no alternatives among other national dental clinics. Combination of modern technology, professionalism and innovative computer modeling techniques enables the most effective, quick and painless treatment. Implan...


Prostetic denistry

Dentition restoration has always been a major concern in dental practice. Lack of teeth causes a lot of problems: affects facial aesthetics and chewing function, creates unequal load on muscles, results in deformation of bone tissue, and generally affects psychological...



Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that deals with diagnosis, methods of prevention and correction of malocclusion. Familia Dental Clinic in Kyiv specializes in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery as well as in dentofacial orthopedics and offers the most modern met...


Cosmetic Dentistry

Today, cosmetic dentistry combines modern restorative materials and equipment, as well as professionalism of doctors. Modern resins have a unique structure, increasing dental tissue strength and functionality and a unique palette of colors, recreating any of the indivi...



It's no secret that the teeth and gums need constant care. First of all, this requires individual hygiene – brushing of teeth regularly at home with a toothbrush and floss. But unfortunately, it is not always enough. Dental hygiene comes to the rescue if you...



Periodontics is associated with treatment and prevention of periodontal tissues diseases. The most common periodontal diseases are gingivitis, periodontal disease and periodontitis. The advanced stage of each above mentioned disease threatens teeth loss. Which sympt...


Dental Implantation

Prosthesis on the implants is the revolutionary method of lost teeth restoration. This method makes it possible to recreate a most natural form of a tooth. So you will not feel the difference between implants and your natural teeth.   At the Familia Dent...



Usually a dental therapist is the first doctor we visit in the dental clinic (of course, if we are not talking about any specific disease). Even if you have had no problems with your teeth, you should visit a dentist twice a year for preventive inspection and hygiene c...


Equipment and technology

Computer Tomography Sirona

X-ray in the dentistry became an integral part of dental diagnostics and treatment long time ago. «Familia» dental clinic offers modern dental CT scanning with the equipment from the world’s leading producers.


Root canal treatment with Zeiss microscope

Modern dental clinics use microscopic root canal treatment more and more. This treatment is associated with considerable costs, as it requires extensive training of dental professionals and their assistants, as well as buying and installing the necessary equipment. How...


CEREC 3D - computer dental restoration

CEREC 3D computer dental restoration is a breakthrough in dental technology. It gives your dentist a way to fabricate all-ceramic crowns, inlays, and veneers in a single visit, during a couple of hours and without the need for impressions!


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