Usually a dental therapist is the first doctor we visit in the dental clinic (of course, if we are not talking about any specific disease). Even if you have had no problems with your teeth, you should visit a dentist twice a year for preventive inspection and hygiene care.

As you visit Familia Dental Clinic for the first time, you will be examined. The doctor will make a plan for your treatment and will make an appointment the necessary examination. The dental therapist’s competence includes treatment of cavities, pulpitis, periodontitis, parodontitis and hygienic care.


Endodontics is a dentistry subspecialty, associated with root-canal treatment. The need for a root-canal treatment arises from dental cavities complications, tooth injuries and in the course of prostheses preparation.

Endodontic treatment involves several stages:

- Canal cleaning and shaping
- Sanitation – scrutinous canal washing aimed at organic particles removal and disinfection.
- Filling - full and tight canal filling with special filling material.

Our specialists are using only the most modern methods of root canal treatment:

Cofferdam Use

Cofferdam is an elastic disk, made of natural latex which is put on the tooth, thus isolating it from saliva and protecting the mouth cavity in the course of dental procedures.

Canals Scrutinous Washing with Sodium Hypochlorite

Throughout the history of dentistry they still haven’t invented a remedy that would be more effective for fighting infections in the root canal. Washing with sodium hypochlorite nowadays is completely safe due to cofferdam use which protects the mouth from the corrosive chemical.

Fitting with Hot Gutta-percha

Vertical condensation of the root canal with hot gutta-percha is the most modern and high quality method of root canal filling. Gutta-percha is a special dental material, its chemical composition is identical to natural rubber. We carry out canal filling by means of a special apparatus with three-dimensional canal obturation produced by Obtura Spartan Endodontics, USA, the leader of endodontics. Thus, the heated material fills the entire canal depth and fills all the cavities securely. No other method can guarantee such complete and tight filling of the tooth root system.

X-ray and Apecs Lokator Control Procedures

The treatment will be effective only if the canal is filled from the bottom to the top. Apex locator is a device which can accurately determine the depth of the canal and is used throughout the procedure. An additional X-ray at the end of treatment confirms the canal filling.

Dental Microscope Use

"You can only cure what you can see"
Dr. Syngcuk Kim, founder of microsurgical field of endodontics.

Quality endodontics is the main condition for successful dental treatment. Why is the microscope use so important in the modern dental practice?
- Micro-cracks, longitudinal cracks, unusual shape of the tooth root or root canal – the most various features can be seen by the doctor through the dental microscope, allowing him to detect any micro-anomaly and treat it with all possible details.
What will be the result of such treatment?
As a result, you will be lucky to have strong and healthy teeth that will not cause you any trouble for a long time.

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