Prostetic denistry

Dentition restoration has always been a major concern in dental practice. Lack of teeth causes a lot of problems: affects facial aesthetics and chewing function, creates unequal load on muscles, results in deformation of bone tissue, and generally affects psychological state of a person. Fortunately, nowadays there are many reliable methods of prosthetic dentistry. Experts of Familia Dental Clinic will select the best option that suits you

Implant supported dentures

Fixation of dentures with support upon implants is the most advanced and convenient method when is necessary the full dental arch.

Traditional removable dentures have some disadvantages: insecure fixation, difficulties in chewing solid food, and changes in articulation.

Removable implant supported dentures - the most convenient and cost efficient way of full arch rehabilitation. The denture is fixed upon two or more implants. You will be able to enjoy any kind of food, communicate freely and grin with a healthy natural smile. The denture can be removed for cleaning and there is no need to fix it with a special paste.

Non-removable implant supported dentures - the most serviceable and reliable solution. In this case the prosthesis is supported by 4 and more implants. This construction effectively replaces natural teeth and has near functional and aesthetic qualities.

Pin supported prosthesis

Pin supported prostheses are used if more than 50% of tooth bone tissue is destroyed but it is possible to preserve the root. The pin is fixed in the tooth root by means of special dental material and serves as a support for metal-ceramic or fused porcelain crown.

Dental veneers

Veneer is dental porcelain or composite layer of material placed over the tooth surface. Veneers help to correct color and shape of one or several teeth. Veneers are used when you need to improve the aesthetics or restore the damaged part of a tooth in a very short time.