Surgical treatment

Dental Surgery Department of Familia Dental Clinic has no alternatives among other national dental clinics. Combination of modern technology, professionalism and innovative computer modeling techniques enables the most effective, quick and painless treatment.

Maxillofacial surgery

Collaboration with Boris clinic offers our professionals an opportunity to perform complex surgery under local or general anesthesia. Familia Dental Clinic has a surgery block, intensive care unit and comfortable recovery suits equipped in accordance with the up-to-date international standards.


Nowadays the implantation is the most reliable and convenient way to restore one or more teeth.

What does implantation give to your smile?

- Comfort in everyday life and confidence in communication. You'll never have to be ashamed of your smile or worry about fixation of your prosthetic denture.

- Functionality. You won’t feel the difference between implants and your natural teeth.

- Durability. With proper care the implant ensures lifetime service.

What is an implant?

An implant is a functional substitute of the dental root, small titanium fixture that interfaces with the bone of the jaw. Implantation is accompanied by the process called osseointegration where prosthesis integrates into the bone tissue, allowing the restored teeth to have completely the same functions as natural teeth.

Why you should not postpone the dentition restoration?

Alongside with aesthetic aspects, the loss of one or more teeth is dangerous for disorders in facial bone tissues. In the span of just a few years bone tissue in the removed tooth atrophies by 50% that greatly complicates delivery of implants or dentures.

In some cases an osteoplasty procedure shall be performed before implantation.


Osteoplasty is used when bone tissue in the area of implant delivery is not enough for reliable and durable fixation of titanium “root”. Artificial materials as well as human tissues got from the patient can be used as materials for bone shaping.

In some cases implantation may be fulfilled just after osteoplasty but in general it requires a long healing period of 4-5 months.

In our clinic we can perform osteoplasty under local or general anesthesia depending on specific indications.

Maxillofacial surgery

Patients resort to maxillofacial surgery if they need to correct a maxillofacial pathology - congenital defects as well as defects resulting from accident or disease.

Experts of Familia Dental Clinic carry out, at the highest professional level, operations on bone tissue transplantation using the latest-generation materials, as well as treatment of benign and malignant tumors by making use of cryosurgery.

For in-patients who underwent maxillofacial surgery the Family Dental Center provides comfortable recovery suits equipped according to international standards to ensure postoperative stay in the most comfortable environment.

Dental surgery

At the modern stage of dentistry development the tooth removal is one of the emergency treatments: we resort to it only in case when there is no more possibility to restore the tooth and it may cause other complications. However, if there are medical indications for removal, Familia Dental Clinic shall ensure this procedure to be easy, painless and harmless for you.