Root canal treatment with Zeiss microscope

Modern dental clinics use microscopic root canal treatment more and more. This treatment is associated with considerable costs, as it requires extensive training of dental professionals and their assistants, as well as buying and installing the necessary equipment. However, it’s all worth it because in the long run microscopic root canal treatment proves to be much more effective than usual endodontic therapy.

Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico microscope which is used  in Familia dental clinic helps us to minimize risks while conducting manipulations with root canals (when treating pulpitis, parodontitis, or in the case of endodontic retreatment). The use of the microscope guarantees safe and accurate treatment and diminishes the risk of breaking the instrument inside the root canal. It is also used when we have patients who want us to remove a foreign object (broken instrument) from their root canal. This is a difficult task which becomes much easier if we use the microscope.

Microscopic endodontics allows us to visualize the region of interest with magnification of up to 15-30x. This guarantees high precision and gives dentists a solid support in addition to x-ray and tactile sensitivity

Microscopic dentistry helps to identify infected tissues precisely and perform manipulations only within this region, without touching healthy tissues. When the microscope is used by our highly-qualified dentists, it provides the precise filling of all root canals, which guarantees the absence of the inflammation in the future. Microscopic treatment saves “hopeless” teeth, diagnoses microcracks, detects loose-fitting fillings that can cause secondary decays. Beside this, the use of the microscope promises effective treatment of cysts and granulomas.

Welcome to Familia dental clinic in Kyiv. Here you can be sure that our highly-qualified dentists will give you safe and effective microscopic treatment of root canals, without unnecessary risks or mistakes.