Dental equipment

All dental offices that belong to «Familia» dental clinic are equipped with model dental units Castellini – designed by a leading Italian company that has been producing dental equipment since 1930.

X-ray equipment produced by Planmeca and Sirona that we use for dental diagnostics is extremely safe. The level of radiation exposure is no more than when you travel by plane. In other words, it is so negligible that it puts you at no risk whatsoever.

We provide root canal therapy on the basis of equipment produced by SybronEndo and Obtura Spartan, and also using Carl Zeiss microscopes that have some of the best lenses in the world.

In some types of treatment we also use ultrasonic equipment manufactured by EMS (Switzerland). These are powerful and precise appliances of superior quality, which is the result of age-old Swiss traditions.

In «Familia» dental clinic we provide dental implantation exclusively on the basis of advanced implant dentistry equipment produced by Bien-Air (Switzerland) and Anthogyr (France), which are globally renowned manufacturers of dental equipment. We use implants made by Nobel Biocare, Mis that give our clients a variety of choice and provide our dentists with restorative solutions that are not only esthetically appealing but also efficient and enduring regardless of the initial condition.

Sterilization of reusable instruments is critical for your safety. That is why, it is one of the top priorities in our dental clinic.

Sterilization is a complicated process that involves several stages:

  • Preliminary cleaning
  • Sterilization packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Instrument packaging in disposable wraps

In «Familia» dental clinic, dental instruments are sterilized by professional dental assistants who were specifically trained and qualified to do this job. We use MELAG Medical Technology equipment which meets the highest standards of sterilization.

Besides, we use state-of-the-art computer-assisted system for local anesthesia, which is significantly more comfortable and painless than the syringe. Anesthesia solutions provided by Milestone Scientific have sensors that control the pressure and position of the needle during the injection. As a result, patients receive efficient and absolutely painless anesthesia.