Dental Implantation

Prosthesis on the implants is the revolutionary method of lost teeth restoration. This method makes it possible to recreate a most natural form of a tooth. So you will not feel the difference between implants and your natural teeth.

At the Familia Dental Clinic in Kyiv, before the beginning of the implantation process, we make 3D modeling and develop surgical templates:

1) 3D modeling allows us to design carefully a scheme of implants adjustment, which is subsequently displayed on a special dental template;

2) surgical template displays the exact scheme of implantation. It is an irreplaceable tool of the surgeon as all surgical procedures are performed in accordance with the template markup.

Due to this, the surgery is performed quickly, accurately and with minimal invasive intervention.

The key to successful implantation of the highest quality in Familia Dental Clinic is the products of Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) the world-wide known leader in innovative developments for implantology.

We use Nobel Biocare Nobel Active system, which has several unique advantages such as:

1) Maximum resistance even in the case of weakened bone tissue. The surface of Nobel Active implants makes the fixation of the titanium "root" in the bone more reliable;

2) Adjustable implant orientation: the shape and design of the implant allows a doctor to adjust the position of the axis for optimal tooth position;

3) A unique Ti Unite surface that has been proven to provide the quickest integration of the bone tissue and to maintain the implant stability afterwards. Artificial "root" literally grows into the jaw bone and provides reliable and durable fixation of the implant. As a rule, dental implants last a lifetime!

The choice of implant and the method of its installation is determined by the implantologist at the consultation stage after an initial examination. It depends on a number of factors: the number and location of missing or destroyed teeth, the state of bone tissue in the area of ​​previously removed teeth and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Implantation methods

1. The classical two-stage method of teeth implantation is the following:
      A. After installation, the implant remains without a load.
      B. The crown is put on the tooth after 3 - 5 months.

2. One-step method of implantation is the following: a titanium implant is installed into the hole of the extracted tooth (immediately after removal). In the process of one-stage implantation, a temporary crown is fixed on the implant installed in the bone. Then it is changed to a permanent crown of metal-free ceramics, a metal-ceramic or all-ceramic crown. As a result, the patient gets a “finished tooth” and it does not cause any inconvenience whatsoever.

You can find the price of the procedure here

It consists of the cost of implants, depending on the chosen system, as well as the amount of required preparatory work. Normally, we use x-ray examination of the jaws (computer tomography), 3D modeling and production of surgical templates (positioners) for precise implant placement in the bone tissue. If necessary, additional preparatory operations are performed, such as bone building or sinus lift for creating the perfect conditions for high-quality implant’s fixation.

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