Computer Tomography Sirona

X-ray in the dentistry became an integral part of dental diagnostics and treatment long time ago.

«Familia» dental clinic offers modern dental CT scanning with the equipment from the world’s leading producers.

For the dentist the diagnostics without an X-ray never been easy. A tooth is like an iceberg. Only a small part of your tooth (its crown) is visible in the mouth. The remaining parts (the root and the periodontal ligament) are hidden under your gums inside the jawbone and are invisible. You cannot see what is inside your tooth either.

Using X-ray in dentistry helps:

  • to spot early symptoms of tooth decay and begin treatment (before you feel the pain and your tooth starts causing discomfort);
  • to achieve uttermost precision of dentist’s manipulations. Root canal therapy is impossible without using X-ray. It’s the only way to examine the filling in root canals;
  • to identify problems with tooth buds, e.g. the malposition of teeth inside the jaw structure, which may eventually prevent teeth from erupting;
  • to discover the incorrect position of your wisdom tooth, which often causes teeth “crowding” and the destruction of the neighboring 7th tooth; 

«Familia» dental clinic uses state-of-the-art X-ray equipment produced by leading manufacturers: Sirona cameras (Germany) for periapical X-ray, Sirona CT and TRG scanner (Germany) for panoramic X-ray and CT. Periapical X-ray helps to diagnose the condition of 1-3 adjacent teeth and is most frequently applied during root canal therapy.

What is dental CT scanning and why do we need it?

Using CT scanning in dentistry is now the golden standard for planning major surgeries. It is a way to evaluate your dental condition promptly and precisely, to plan further medical procedures and complex prosthodontic treatment, to give accurate diagnosis, and to monitor the results of a prior therapy. Besides, CT scanning allows 3D virtual planning for surgeries and templates fabrication.